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• C-5-24 BLACK
Club Car Under Seat Tray
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Increase your golf cart storage space for small items with our golf cart trays. Great for golf balls, tees, markers, towels and much more. No installation necessary, no bolts or screws! Just place tray under seat.

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• E-5-29 BLACK
EZGO TXT Under Seat Tray
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• Y14-5-11 BLACK
G14,16,19 Yamaha Under Seat Tray
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Strech Plastics, Inc. Manufacturer and Distributor of the Highest Quality Golf Cart Accessories.
We manufacture and distribute a complete line of custom wholesale golf cart accessories for Club Car, EZ-GO, Yamaha, and other OEM's.
Our custom line of golf cart accessories includes light kits, dashes, radio consoles, seat kits, lift kits, steering wheels, long tops, wheels and tires, and more...